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 Rutgers大学の院生の長田です。先日ISA(International Studies Association,
学 会に参加しがてらのアメリカ大都市訪問がぼくの趣味です。今回の会場はハワイで、南国気分を楽しみつつ参加できました。特にハワイ住民のエスニックな融合 は、(現実の展開とは逆に)アジアが平和的に融合するとこうなるのだろうか、と思いたくなるような優しい雰囲気をかもし出していました。



  こちらは過去の会議一覧です。PDFファイルで会議のプログラムが閲覧できます。興味のある部会の開催しているパネルの報告タイトルを閲覧するといろいろ 興味深いタイトルを発見されると思われます。ぼくは会議期間中に全部目を通してみましたが、今年の世界情勢に関する、地球上に存在する知の集積を眺めてい るようで面白かったです。




Tatsuya Nagata
PhD Student in Global Affairs,
Center for Global Change and Governance,
Rutgers, State University of New Jersey, Newark


At 1:45 AM, Blogger Team UN Forum said...

Dear Mr. Nagata and all in NYUN forum,

This is Aki Yonehara, a PhD student in Indiana/Kyoto Universities. Sorry for no access to Japanese now.

I appreciate that Mr. Nagata shared the information from the ISA conference with us all. I hope you had a good time in Hawaii in many senses!

Regarding SID in the US, please have a look at:

Society for International Development http://www.sidint.org/ for general information on SID (I guess you have already known this site though), as well as SID - Washington D.C. Chapter http://www.sidw.org/ for regional information on annual conference, annual dinner, etc.

JASID is only one chapter in Japan, but there are several chapters in the US. Washinton D.C. chapter above is one of them. As long as I know, there seems no SID national conference in the US... I would appreciate if someone corrects my misunderstanding.

Just for additional information, CIES (Comparative and International Education Society: http://www.cies.ws/) can be another good place to meet those who are interested in international development in education. This year's annual conference is coming soon (March 22-26) at Stanford University, CA. That would be great if I can see some of you there.

Thanks again for the interesting links, Mr. Nagata.

Aki Yonehara

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