human security& right-based approach

Hajimemashite. I am yoko konishi, working for UNDP cambodia as a JPO. I am on programme policy operations training in NY right now (so I cannot type in Japanese). The training itself is intersting, esp. to know about result-based management and various practice areas we are working.
There was a topic on human rights& right-based approach during the training course, and I got a bit confused because the characteristics of the right-based approach to development was explained to cover peace, development, and human rights- similar to my understaning of "human security". The Resource person explained human security situated in conflict situation, but I assume that there is on-going academic debate and some discussion esp. in Japan to broaden the concept of human security. So could anybody elaborate the difference and definition of both concepts? And how the human security is positioned in the UN system?
Moreover, as I am working in Cambodia and some people say that the sound of 'right-based approach' does not match the country context or does not work well (because of the way it is perceived, I think), could you give me a good example of the strategy how it can be brought into the country esp. in Asia?


Yoko Konishi
UNDP Cambodia


At 8:50 AM, Blogger Hidenori Nakamura said...

Dear Konishi san,

I assume you cannot read in Japanese, so let me respond to your queries in English.

Your question reminded me of an analysis of Amartya Sen on three related concepts of Human Development, Human Security and Human Rights, as one of the Boxes appeared in the report of the Commission on Human Security: Human Security Now. You may wish to download the report and read the entire box (Box 1.3 Development, rights and human security, pp 8&9)??

He stresses that all three concepts are complementary to each other. For example, Sen indicates that human development is an "upbeat" progress orientation, while human security will ensure that "downside risks" of
development are taken care. While human security tries to ensure that people are protected from threats and empowered to be able to cope with those threats, human rights demands "duty-bearers" such as the state will ensure human security and human development are achieved.

Rights-based approach in development is being mainstreamed in all work of UN, but it is still in the making and perhaps slightly different in its adaptation and interpretation in each UN agency, such as UNDP, UNICEF and UNFPA. You may look at the following document for more details.
In UNICEF, both the four foundation principles of human rights and the four principles of Convention on the Rights of the Child are used as the guiding framework.

Mainstreaming the concept of human security in the UN system seems to be a challenge, while human development and human rights made their way. Perhaps
as you are questioning, and Amartya Sen is stressing, clearly defining the three concepts and giving more clarity in the presentation of their complementarity would help mainstream the human security concept in the UN.

A question of "why human rights approach in Cambodia" is a common one and another challenge for us. It often comes from the perception and understanding that these human rights ideas come from the Western society and that they are used as instruments of imposing alien concepts. While the state signs these human rights instruments, the people are not informed or
consulted. Introducing the concept of human rights approach require a lot of consultation and discussion with people before they are understood and accepted. I also thought from my experience in Bangladesh that starting with people's "natural value" such as their natural feeling to cherish growth and development of children, their feelings against abuse, discrimination and violence can be the starting points of discussion.

Enjoy your training.

Jun Kukita, UNICEF NY

At 8:51 AM, Blogger Hidenori Nakamura said...

Dear nyunforum,

Greetings from Geneva. This is Motoky Hayakawa at WHO. Following Kukita san, I am also writing this in English.

Konishi san's point about human security and right-based approach reminded me of the difficulty I had when I tried to explained human security to advocacy folks in NGOs in Washington DC.

My ambitious intention was to try to disseminate the concept of human security to them but soon I realised that they were confused with human security and right-based approach which seems to be quite well understood at policy and operational levels in the development NGO community. Those advocacy folks are supposed to be policy wonks and have a good sense of policy discussion here and there but regarding human security, their understanding is still really limited.

It's fine to try to mainstream human security in the UN system at first but I would argue we should also pay attention to other key players such as NGOs. A success or appeared-to-be a success in mainstreaming of right-based approach would not have been possible if NGO folks had not bought in right-based approach (maybe my NGO background biased my view here, though). This is something we should learn from when we talk about mainstreaming human security.

I read several time Sen's explanation of three concepts which Kukita san mentioned. To be honest, I am still not that clear how three policy concepts will make a difference at operation or project level. Or I wonder if it is possible to broaden our understanding of right-approach or human development to address "downside risks" of development without using a new concept of human security. Even if human development and right-based approach have limits as Sen points out, why do we have to use a new term "human security" rather than develop or reinvent right-based approach and human development?

I may sound critical but I am really interested in promoting human security. But as long as I market the concept, I would like to have more clear understanding of it.

Motoky Hayakawa

At 8:53 AM, Blogger Hidenori Nakamura said...

Dear Kikuta-san and Hayakawa-san,

Thanks for the quick response. I am getting a picture over both concepts.

I read several papers on human security, esp. Ogata and Cels, 'Global Insights - Human Security-Protecting and Empowering the People', Global Governance 9 (2003), UNDP Human development report 1994, UN Commission on Human Security. University of the Philippines also organized the short-course on 'the human security and globalization' and I attended it as an observer. When I had a chance to talk at the workshop for local NGOs in Mindanano (conflict area in the Philippines) and introduced this concept, they really like it as the concept really fits in their reality. After 9.11, the meaning of security really weighs than ever. We cannot talk only about national security, it became global and affect a lot on each human.

I forgot the title of the paper, but there is an interesting paper discussing the conceptual framework of the human security (Japan is more focused on development as a whole, while Canadian and Norweigian focus on human rights aspect). Interestingly, it seems that the concept of human security is getting more attention in Japan. As I am a bit away from Japan, I don't know if the right-based approch is also mainstreamed there. But if human security is to complementary to human rights and human development, as Hayakawa-san pointed out, it may be difficult to differenciate or mainstream in UN.

We are also thinking to apply for UN/Japan human security trust fund, and this kind of discussion really helps.


Yoko Konishi

At 11:54 PM, Blogger Hidenori Nakamura said...

Dear Konishi-san,

My name is Kotaro Nakai. Currently I am an intern at UNICEF NY DPP,GPS - Human Rights Unit.

Regarding human rights in Cambodia that you mentioned as well as Kukita-san's comment, human rights education could be one of methods to create "rightsculture," which might help better implement rights-based approach. My field is international human rights law, not education, but some articles helped me get a sense of idea of human rights education, so I would like to introduce them.

The following is my summary of and comments on a human rights education project in Cambodia based on the articles:

- Marks, Stephen. Human Rights Education in UN Peace Building: From Theory to Practice In Human Rights Education for the Twenty-First Century, Ed. George J. Andreopoulos & Richard Pierre Claude, University of Pennsylvania Press, 1997.
- Baxi, Upendra. Human Rights Education: The Promise of the third Millennium?・ In Human Rights Education for the Twenty-First Century, Ed. George J. Andreopoulos & Richard Pierre Claude, University of
Pennsylvania Press, 1997.

I am not really sure if this will help, but I hope it will.

..... I would like to introduce how human rights education is implemented and complements what international human rights law itself does not have, by referring to UNTAC's human rights education project. UNTAC estimated that about 120,000 people directly benefited from education and training and that the figure for mass communication, considering the population of more than 9 million, the wide availability of radios, the area covered by transmission, and the dissemination of cassettes of the programs, is probably several million. The impact of the project was considerable.
In order to implement international human rights law effectively, the following conditions must be satisfied:
・People know their rights and obligations under human rights law.
・People know remedies for human rights violations.
・People are willing to accept the rights and obligations in international human rights law.
Hereinafter, I will point out strategies to realize these conditions through human rights education based on UNTAC' strategy for informal human rights education from the perspectives of imperfection of law and the reconciliation between universality of human rights and cultural relativism.

"I. Elimination of Negative Bias against Human Rights and Overcoming Cultural Difference"
I will point out the elements in the project that are considered to contribute to reconcile between the concept of human rights and the difference of cultures. It was important not to have people in Cambodia say that: the concept of human rights is not ours but western people's. The UNTAC's human rights education project overcame this dilemma by employing the following methods.

"Involvement of Buddhist Clergy"
In the human rights education project in Cambodia, Buddhist clergy played a significant role to disseminate the ideas of human rights. Through marches, teaching, lobbying with governmental and parliamentary leaders and spiritual guidance to the population, which is almost all Buddhist, the clergy has popularized constitutionalism and human rights.
Their effective activities reached even the public in remote areas.
In order to reconcile universality of human rights and cultural relativism, the discourse of human rights should be pluralistic, according equal dignity to all traditions of the world. In this case,
the message of human rights was disseminated with concepts and principles of Cambodian society today by the Buddhist clergy. Given the fact that 90 - 95 percent of the population consists of Buddhists, the
involvement of Buddhist clergy is one of most important factors for the success in the project.

"Use of the Media"
The strategy for broadcast media covered both television and radio, which are particularly important in light of the low level of education and literacy in Cambodia. The human rights message was simplified as much as possible and made attractive by using symbols,
stories, and popular actors to disseminate culturally relevant human rights information. The dissemination of audiovisual materials was done through all existing channels. Video and audiocassettes were offered to
all Cambodian broadcast authorities as well as those outside Cambodia with Khmer programs directed at Cambodia. Also, five hundred cassettes with a human rights video were distributed through district electoral supervisors, provincial human rights officers and indigenous human rights groups.
Considering that a human rights education program should not tell journalists to preach human rights but rather equip them to identify the rights and remedies relevant to a story, the key to success here is to connect culturally relevant human rights information and the concept of human rights, and to disseminate it to the population side by side,
including those with the low level of education and literacy.

"Cooperation with local NGOs"
Five human rights groups were functioning in Cambodia during the transitional period, with combined membership claimed to be in the hundreds of thousands. The capacity building of civil society was
crucial because these groups could become effective advocates and defenders of human rights. Members of these associations were trained as human rights educators, defenders and monitors. They were provided with materials to conduct their own educational work and participated in conferences, seminars and discussion groups where they could refine their policies and strategies. The importance of their existence must have been not only because they helped the dissemination of the concept of human rights but also because they helped UNTAC's Human Rights
Component, working group for human rights education, to do research on Cambodian culture.

"II. Strengthening of Judicial Implementation of International Human Rights Law"
Through human rights education of judges and prosecutors, international law can be strengthened.

"Education of Judge and Prosecutors"
In order to strengthen and make international human rights law substantive, education of judges and prosecutors is indispensable. Specific reference was made in the UNTAC secretary-general's report to officials of existing administrative structures, and in particular police, judges, prosecutors and civil servants. The first objective was to make officials aware of the obligations the parties had accepted in the peace process and their specific responsibilities as public servants. The second objective was to prepare them for a more responsible and accountable public service under the government to be created following the constitution to ensure human rights.
It has been said that judges of national courts are reluctant to refer to international human rights law in their decision making process and that it is difficult to rely on international human rights law to seek remedies for human rights violations. That is because those judges do not have enough knowledge of international human rights law.
Education of judges and prosecutors significantly improves the status of international human rights law in domestic jurisdiction.
Thus, these methods had positive influence on the implementation of human rights education and the dissemination of international human rights standard in Cambodia.....

Along with the above articles, the following articles help us understand
the context:

- Tibbittes, Felisa. "Understanding What We Do: Emerging Models for Human Rights Education" International Review of Education, No. 48, (3-4) 159-171, 2002
- Sen, Amartya. Universalism "A Particularistic Account" In Negotiating Culture and Human Rights, Ed. Bell, et al, 2000.

With best regards,
Kotaro Nakai
- Master's candidate at Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs (MIA - Human Rights)
- Teaching Associate at Columbia University Department of East Asian Cultures
- Intern at UNICEF NY Headquarters (DPP,GPS - Human Rights Unit)
E-mail: KotaroNakai@hotmail.com, KotaroNakaiUDHR@hotmail.com,

At 1:02 AM, Blogger Hidenori Nakamura said...

Dear Nakai-san,

Thanks for your comments and advice.
We do not have human rithts-specific program now. My office is looking at more of accessible litigation such as informal conflict resolution mechanism to realize human rights issue. (I myself work more for governance in general, aid-coordination and microfinance). Maybe UN Commissioner on Human rights in Cambodia is working on the issue you mentioned.

I know that there are many active and good local NGOs working in the area of human rights in Cambodia, and supporting local evolution of embracing the right-based approach or similar approach is also good idea. But I may be still concerned with the the perception of the government. Even the comment on the right-based approach does not fit in the local context came from the NGO working in the area. I often see the negative reactions from the government when we talk about human right issues, International trials on Khmer Rouge etc. I think that we should be caucious of using the words when we discuss issues and implement projects.
That is why I am interested in the differenece and position of the human security vis-a-vis right-based approach because some people seem to use or see the term in different or same ways. But kikuta-san's explanation clarified to me more of the standpoint of each stakeholder.


Yoko Konishi

At 1:26 AM, Blogger Hidenori Nakamura said...

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